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April 2009

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October Events

October 2-3
Siwash Weekend
Cherry Farm

October 4
PLC Meeting 6:30pm
Committee Meeting 7pm

October 8-10
Council Camporee
Camp Reeves

October 23-24
Backpack Trip
Chestnut Knob, VA

November Events

November 1
PLC Meeting 6:30pm
Committee Meeting 7pm

November 6
University of Scouting, Wake Tech

November 13
Merit Badge College
Duke East Campus

November 23
No Meeting


Up Next...

Backpack Trip - October 23-24
Join Mr. Fishback for a weekend of backpacking on the Appalacihian Trail in Virginia. We will leave early Saturday morning and return Sunday, in time to make it to the Blue/White Duke Women's basketball game. The first day we will hike around 5 miles to our camping destination, followed by a one mile hike back to the cars Sunday morning. For more information see Mr. Fishback.

Golf Merit Badge
The golf merit badge will be conducted in three parts. The first part will cover requirements 1-6. This session will be held on Tuesday, October 19 at 6pm in the scout room. For the first session, be prepared to identify a top golfer and discuss his/her achievements. no golf clubs are required for the first session. The second (requirement 7) and third part (requirement 8) will be covered at a location and time yet to be determined. Contact Mr. Flanery for more information.

Astronomy Merit Badge
For scouts interested in the astronomy merit badge, a session was held on Oct. 12. The next session will be held at 6pm in the scout room on October 26. We will continue working on requirements 1-3, 4b, 4d, 5, 7c, 7d and 8. Requirements 4a, 4c, 6, 7b and 9 require the scout to produce diagrams and/or write a brief report. Scouts who attended the astronomy session on the flight deck of the Yorktown last fall have met requirement 9. It is not too late to get started on the merit badge, so if you are interested, join us on the 26th. Contact Mr. Flanery for more information.

Communications Merit Badge
Mr. Konvicka will have a class for the Communications Merit Badge beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 6pm. This is an Eagle-required merit badge. Although the requirements are not difficult, there are a lot of them and they require a certain amount of preparation.
If you have questions, contact Mike Konvicka at

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